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Before you make any investment changes or transfers, please read the following trading rules. Your use of our website to make online changes to your account means that you understand and agree to all of the following rules:

  • Transaction cutoff time is 12 NOON EST. Orders received after the cutoff or on weekends and holidays will be processed the next business day.
  • Your account will be updated for the previous day's activity at approximately 11:00 AM EST each morning.
  • Update and refresh times may be different due to any delays or changes in our trading platforms. Any early trading deadlines due to holidays or Wall Street restrictions may effect these systems without prior warning to plan participants.
  • Fund transfers are permitted once in a 24-hour period. If there are pending fund transfers for your account, you will be notified and prevented from making additional fund transfers until the original request is complete. Also, if fees are taken against your account, you would be blocked from the fund transfer process while this occurs.
  • Fund transfers typically are completed within 3 business days. However, if there are extended settlement funds or early trade cutoffs for the funds being used within the plan, this process will be extended by these trading constraints.
  • Each plan quarter end, trades are held during the last 2 business days to allow for all pending trades to settle and clear, thus closing out the quarter end. Trades are then processed on the first business day of the next quarter and will be reflected on the next quarterly statement. Please review your Summary Plan Description to find out when your plan quarters end.
  • Confirmation of your online transaction will be e-mailed to you, provided we have your e-mail address, and it will also be mailed to your home. If you do not receive a confirmation by mail within 10 business days, you should contact your Employer immediately. Confirmations for participants with invalid addresses will be forwarded to their Employer.
  • Sometimes, electronic trades do not transmit properly due to phone line interference, user error, power interruptions, and other reasons. As explained above, written confirmation of your investment changes and instructions will be sent to you, but it is your responsibility to verify that your changes and instructions have been completed properly. If not, contact SHAW & COMPANY and we will make any necessary changes. However, we will not calculate or restore any earnings to your account as though the original transaction had occurred when intended.